The 1st International Workshop on Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
co-located with 10th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs (IJCKG 2021)


We use the same Zoom Room with IJCKG2021.
The URL are sent to the participants of the IJCKG2021.
The registration page is here.

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KGR4XAI Workshop Opening


Knowledge Graph Reasoning Techniques through Studies on Mystery Stories -Report on the Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge 2018 to 2020
Kouji Kozaki, Shusaku Egami, Kyoumoto Matsushita, Takanori Ugai and Takahiro Kawamura

A Logical Approach to Criminal Case Investigation
Takanori Ugai, Yusuke Koyanagi and Fumihito Nishino

A Criminal Detection of Mystery Novel Using the Principal Components Regression Analysis Considering Co-Occurrence Words
Shuhei Katsushima, Hajime Anada, Shusaku Egami and Ken Fukuda

Development of an Interactive Navigation System based on Household Ontology and Commonsense reasoning
Alan Schalkwijk, Motoki Yatsu and Takeshi Morita


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Natural Interactions and Knowledge in Virtual Coaching
Kristiina Jokinen
Senior Researcher
AI Research Center, AIST Tokyo Waterfront

Kristiina Jokinen is Senior Researcher at AI Research Center in AIST Tokyo Waterfront. She is Member of the ELLIS Society and Life Member of Clare Hall University of Cambridge. Her research concerns AI-based human-robot interaction, spoken dialogue systems, and multimodal communication (eye-gaze, speech, gestures) in the Constructive Dialogue Model framework. She has published widely on the topics including four books. She has had a leading role in multiple national and international cooperation projects, and together with G. Wilcock she developed the WikiTalk open-domain dialogue application for social robots, which won Special Recognition for Best Robot Design (Software Category) at the International Conference of Social Robotics 2017. She currently leads the dialogue research in the EU-JP Collaboration project e-VITA where the goal is to support active healthy living for older adults, by developing interactive Virtual Coach with the challenge to integrate various multilevel knowledge sources for trustworthy.


Introduction of Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge

KGR4XAI Workshop Closing